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Introducing VISION+TRAK from TRAKKO.

VISION+TRAK Not only utilises GPS Tracking but also activates a powerful dashcam function all within a single device. 


Track vehicles and retrieve dash cam video clips right from within your dashboard.

Monitor your drivers safety with built in AI driver monitoring.

See Everything.



VISION+TRAK (coming soon!) 

Avanced GPS Dashcam Vision

Powerful dash camera functions with integrated GPS Tracking

  • GPS tracking 

  • Event Video recording

  • Local & cloud storage

  • Optional advanced AI driver fatigue monitoring

  • Optional SOS button

  • Optional in cab or rear view cameras

Standard Features


Tracking enabled


Our dash cam also includes all the features of our in vehicle GPS tracking solutions  


Video Recording


Dash cam offers 1080p local recording of incident footage to an in device 128GB SD card.





The dash cam includes a lockable anti tamper SD memory card holder. 




Inbuilt G-Sensor to detect incidents like vehicle collisions, 

harsh driving and parked vehicle impact monitoring. 




Gain access to the complete TRAKKO Web Management dashboard, and download the X-GPS Monitor Mobile App to Manage and track your asset.

Advanced Optional Features

Battery Status


Monitor your vehicles battery status in real time, and prevent the event of employees being stranded on the side of the road.

ai cam.png

Ai Camera


Add on the dedicated in cab Ai camera to monitor and alert driver fatigue. Camera can detect drowsiness, distraction and mobile phone use.



Some of our trackers have built in Bluetooth connectivity, attach an array of temperature, fuel level and other specific sensors to get complete control.


Remote Video


Add the ability to view and retrieve dash cam footage right from within your dashboard.

View and save important incident footage. 



Bundle your device plan with our X+TRAK Plan to get a complete tracking and field service management platform

Featured Devices

Asset Tracker


Battery Powered and portable asset tracker. Attach to anything with its rugged IP67 Design and long life battery design.

Fleet Pro


Hardwired and dedicated vehicle tracker. Features optional input/output control and bluetooth connectivity for optional sensors. 

Dash Camera


Powerful Dash cam featuring built in GPS tracking and video recording in one. Offers additional options for in cab driver awareness detection and alerting for distracted or tired drivers.



Plug and Play in vehicle OBDII Port connectivity. Simple installation makes this device easy to to self install and relocate as needed. 

BYO Mobile


Install our X-GPS TRACKER App to your existing company phones, to turn them into a powerful tracking and field service tool.

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