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Introducing GEO+TRAK from TRAKKO.

GEO+TRAK allows you to track any asset in a unique way, by simply attaching one of our battery pwered tracking devices you are instantly able to keep track of your asset with simple interval based updates, and real time tracking upon movement. Track your asset anywhere with our extremely portable and rugged battery powered tracking device.


Track Anything, Anywhere.



Tracking for Assets

Suitable for non powered assets, machinery, portable equipment, shipping containers, pallets and more...

  • Battery powered tracking device

  • Rugged IP67 design

  • Reports asset location at timed intervals

  • 12 hour heart beat, with real time tracking on movement.

geo screenshot.PNG

Standard Features


Battery powered


enjoy the freedom of a completely wireless tracking device. Attach to anything to protect and locate your asset.

timed location.png

Interval Tracking


Our device produces a 12 hour heart beat to update your assets location. upon movement the device auto switches to trip mode and updates live while moving



Theft Protect


Our GEO TRAK asset tracking device is discreet and very portable. attach it to anything to know the exact location of your assets. when it moves we can track it. 




Receive GEO Fence rule based notifications if your asset moves outside of a certain area. Also receive low battery status notifications. 




Gain access to the complete TRAKKO Web Management dashboard, and download the X-GPS Monitor Mobile App to Manage and track your asset from anywhere.

Featured Devices

Fleet Pro


Hardwired and dedicated vehicle tracker. Features optional input/output control and bluetooth connectivity for optional sensors. 



Plug and Play in vehicle OBDII Port connectivity. Simple installation makes this device easy to to self install and relocate as needed. 

Asset Tracker


Battery Powered and portable asset tracker. Attach to anything with its rugged IP67 Design and long life battery design.

Dash Camera


Powerful Dash cam featuring built in GPS tracking and video recording in one. Offers additional options for in cab driver awareness detection and alerting for distracted or tired drivers.

BYO Mobile


Install our X-GPS TRACKER App to your existing company phones, to turn them into a powerful tracking and field service tool.

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